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The Isinglass River

Being published is a spectacular experience, but what came next was even more special.

My photo,Whimsical Waterfall, was displayed on the cover of the Strafford Community Calendar for the entire month of April. During this time, I received an email from the Isinglass River Local Advisory Committee. One of the members had seen my photo on the cover of the calendar and immediately recognized that it was of the Isinglass River. They asked me if they could use the photo on their website, I instantly agreed.

The photo that the committee noticed.

After looking at their website, which I will show you afterward because it's a surprise, I noticed a map of all the public stops along the river. I had no idea there were so many places that you could view the river! That's when the idea formed.

This is the map that I was given to find each spot along the river. There are 13 public access points and 20 recreational opportunities. It was such an adventure to try and find these spots on our own!

I wanted to take a picture of as many of the stops as I could so the IRLAC could use the photos on their website! I had a fantastic time taking photographs along the numbered map. My boyfriend and I got in the car and spent the entire day exploring the river. We went to 7 different stops along the river (numbers 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 12 and 13 along the public access points) and took a surplus of photos to provide to the IRLAC! Currently, I have over 25 photos displayed on their website! Here are a few of my personal favorites as well as come selfies that we took along the way:

Other incredible photographers are exhibiting photos on the website. I strongly encourage you to watch the beautiful slideshow they have under their "Isinglass River Scene" page. I completely support this community, and I encourage you to as well. They want to make sure that the quality of the river is not lost, so future generations can still enjoy the Isinglass River. Here is their website: http://www.isinglassriver.us/

Here are a few links from the website that I recommend you check out:

Read about the IRLAC mission and their story: http://www.isinglassriver.us/about-us.html

Check out all of my other photos and many other magnificent photos:


If you have any questions about the community or want to know more about how to support them, send them an email here:


The Isinglass River begins at Bow Lake in Strafford, then flows through Barrington and then into Rochester.

Being published is an unbelievable feeling and so is having my photos displayed on a website. However, nothing feels better than drawing attention to a community I love and support. I had a blast exploring all these new and exciting places along the river. I greatly encourage you to explore the map from the beginning of the blog and see some of these places for yourself because they are truly outstanding. Committees like this are critical to our local communities. If you take anything from this blog, I hope that it inspires you to support a committee like this in your area.


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