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Photography is an art to me. Whether I'm photographing seniors to capture memories from their last year of high school or showcasing the uniqueness of a property to help someone find their future home, I put my heart and soul into every image.  My purpose in life is to make people happy and smile; photography allows me to do this for people.  I also value how every expereince is different and structure my work around whomever I am serving.

I have done many things over the years to help improve my photography that I am very proud of and helped shape me into the photographer I am today!  I want to share some of those things with you.  I have apprenticed under Tanya Lee Hervey of Tanya Lee Hervey Photography (she's the best).  I am a current student at the New York Institute of Photography.  I am an active member of the New Hampshire Professional Photographer Association, and I am also on their publicity committee.  I am an active member of the Greater Rochester Camera Club.  Lastly, I have been an active real estate agent since I was 18 and it has helped me improve my real estate photography.

Do you want to get to know me?  Here are some rapid-fire facts about who I am.  I originally got into photography because I thought it would be an "easy art credit."  I love all genres of photography, but travel, real estate, portraits, and product are very high on my list.  I'm a hardcore perfectionist, and I'm a little OCD.  My favorite thing to write is a list.  I love animals of all shapes and kinds, but I will keep my distance if they have scales, slime or they're a pig.  One of my favorite past times is writing, but I seldom find time to do it.  I also like fancy words like seldom.  I ask Google to spell words for me regularly.  I've been riding horses for over a decade!

"I didn't choose photography, photography chose me"

- Gerardo Suter

Tel. (603)-923-7472  I  kendall@kendallchancephotography.com

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